Earlier this year we showcased our partnership with Entire Productions at their annual Swing into Spring event at the Bently Reserve. The special evening is a showcase of design, discussion, and imaginative entertainment. 

Entire Productions has been producing this gala for nine years, and the annual celebration has become one of the Bay Area’s most anticipated industry insider events. While Entire Productions gets “fired up” to showcase their creativity, we love to see our space showcased in such visionary ways! Every year has a different theme, and every annual event is tailor-created to be completely unforgettable. 

This year’s theme hearkened back to a glamorous time and place: 1960s Palm Springs. The fête was filled with pop art, geometric shapes, and beautiful muted color palettes… along with a sprinkling of Warhol and flamingoes, of course. 

While Reserve is famous for its grandeur, events like this truly showcase how we’re also the perfect place for unconventionally imaginative endeavors! 

Below is a collection of articles about the event — we recommend you begin your exploration with the blog post and gallery from Entire Productions itself!

Swing into Spring on Instagram 

To see pictures from the event, check out the #entirespring17 hashtag on Instagram. 

Great Party, Great Advice

Amazée Events has written about “the industry event of the year,” a showcase of the event industry’s most creative designs and ideas. Read the whole article here.

Spring Awakening 

Jess from Jess makes Fun has reviewed the annual event. Her review includes a discussion of the event’s theme (“perfect!”), entertainment (“awesome!”), and perks (“pretty great!”). Read the whole post — along with some excellent pictures of the event — here.

Modern Luxury

Modern Luxury Weddings California has published a mini-review of the Swing into Spring event, replete with photos. Check it out here.

Party Slate

Party Slate has been kind enough to publish a large gallery of the Swing into Spring event, along with a recap of the event. You can view the gallery here.

Taste TV

In this episode, viewers are taken inside the Swing into Spring event at the Bently Reserve! View the video here.

Find Out More

To learn more about the event, make sure you check out the social media tag #entirespring17!