Cordova Linda Galusha 01

The Bently Reserve Conference Center received its new installation of art in April. This time we went in a direction inspired by spring and summer with representations of water and forests, a little whimsy, and some pure abstraction. 

Wander through the woods, get lost in the patterns of the forest floor, invoke the smell of pine needles, and come back refreshed within Linda Galusha’s "Don’t Look Back, It is All Right in Front of You.” Or, take a take a cool dip in John Bucklin’s “Swimming Pool.”


In the Port and Euphemia boardrooms, Pat Doherty’s "Chocolate Cherry Cake" adds a bit of whimsy to the serious boardroom decor, and Irena Kononova’s “Amur" takes the room in a very abstract, yet color-compatible direction. 


A wall at the end of our hall has been begging for some attention for a while, and now has it with Carrie-Ann Plank’s "Flow #9”. This lovely monotype print combines organic, soft, overlapping spheres on the bottom half with crisply detailed and multifaceted diagrams on top. 


We continue to thoughtfully curate these spaces for you to enjoy, and hope they provide respite and inspiration for your company meetings and gatherings.