BentlyReserve CordovaRoom

Continuing a partnership with the San Francisco MOMA, the events and design teams at the Bently Reserve have selected a new set of artwork and prints for the Conference Center.

The art isn’t just meant to accentuate rooms, but to offer visual relief and stimulation for people spending long hours in meetings. Some meeting rooms have very distinct decors, so the team choose pieces to serve as focal points; other rooms with neutral white wall space have pieces that were chosen to balance or play off one another.

The current set includes abstract photography, mixed media and traditional landscape painting. In the Niantic room the team chose two abstract photos by Carol Inez Charney that feature colorful, liquid streaks. They are countered on the opposite side of the room by a more monochromatic yet densely textured multi media piece by Miring Wonne. In the Euphemia and Port boardrooms, teams chose pieces that fit well into defined central spaces, creating a focal point and a departure from the wood paneled grids. These pieces will be in place until September 2015.


These paintings take into account the Bently Reserve’s core design approach of people first: in these enhanced spaces, the Bently Reserve team believes that business meetings will be more productive.

Reserve your space soon to enjoy some time away from the office, get some good work done, and enjoy these lovely pieces of modern art.