End Of Day Donna Mc Ginnis

The Bently Reserve’s new fall and winter SFMOMA collection combines fascinating textures, representational landscapes, and wintry palettes.

Heidi McDowell's crisp view of Mt. Whitney contrasts high desert scrub in the foreground with dark foothills and snowy peaks in the background. In End of Day, Donna McGinnis depicts a warm, softly lit fall afternoon along the Sacramento delta. Each of these images has a relationship to our companies in Nevada: both Bently Ranch and Bently Heritage reside in the Carson Valley, on the high plains just east of Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada mountains. Bently employees often make the drive through Sacramento and across the mountains when going between the Bay Area and the town of Minden — these paintings represent sights they might see on that drive.


Kim Miskowicz's Grassy takes texture and landscape to a literal conclusion. From a distance we see a misty mountain, trees, grass, and water; up close, we see that the canvas is actually layered with hundreds of scraps of paper that emulate the objects in the scene.


On the more abstract side of the collection, Sword Fern by Marshall Elliot uses the edges of tightly crumpled muslin for its canvas, and has the shape of a fern leaf burned into it. From a distance the slightly tattered edges of the muslin take on the character of snow or thick white cake frosting.


Listening to the Voice by Fumiyo Yoshikawa uses sumi ink and pigments to create organic, overlapping bubbles reminiscent of ice, water, or snow on a cool blue and white surface. This surface, in turn, streaks away into a thick black-painted border.

Whether the images help you escape for a moment or trigger new ideas, we hope you’re inspired by the Bently Reserve’s winter collection.