The Bently Reserve Conference Center recently received a new set of works from the San Francisco MOMA Artists Gallery. Since 2013 we’ve hosted the works of Bay Area artists in our boardrooms, adding new collections twice a year. Past genres have included collage, abstract photography, and modern art — this time the pieces are more traditional, focusing on oil paintings and landscapes.

In the Cordova boardroom you can experience Jeff Bellerose’s Front, a graphic division of space that features a view of San Francisco's Front Street. 


The Niantic boardroom now hosts the atmospheric landscapes of Gage Opdenbrouw’s Daybreak #3 and Pacific #2


On the opposite wall enjoy another perspective on Bay Area landmarks with Jeff Bellerose’s Bay Area Geometry, which captures a view from the old Bay Bridge. The old Bay Bridge is currently being disassembled in favor of the new span between Treasure Island and the East Bay.niantic5.1200.jpg#asset:157:urlIn the Port boardroom, Kevin Taylor’s The Beckoning features a quiet, contemplative gathering of statuesque figures on a snow-covered pedestal, surrounding the disembodied head of a bear. Some sort of ritual seems to be in progress, but how and for what purpose? Are the statues calling the bear into existence or has the bear decided to join them on its own?


In the Euphemia boardroom, Willard Dixon’s The Eucalyptus offers an alternate view of the outside world at the end of the room. Instead of busy Financial District streets, you can imagine walking in a softly lit meadow.


This partnership with the SFMOMA Artists Gallery continues the Bently Reserve’s core design approach of people first: with these enhanced spaces business meetings will be more productive.